Think of Becoming a Dental Hygienist?
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Your Guide to Dental Hygienist Schools

How bad do you want to get into a dental hygienist school? You’re all over this career field? Well, now it’s fair to say that you’ve made a solid decision to become a dental hygienist. Awesome! Once your mind is made, you’re very close to starting a prosperous career. Congratulations!

At this point you’re most likely going through the options of dental hygienist schools, isn’t that so? If you look around, dental hygienist schools are represented in abundance. It’s great but really confusing at the same time. Which school to choose? Which one will make the best option for you? Decisions, decisions, decisions… It’s not easy to make your choice. But with a little more perseverance you’ll cope with this tricky task. So be comforted with the thought that you’re one step from becoming a dental hygiene student and go ahead!

Obviously, the popularity of the dental hygienist profession has created a multitude of dental hygienist schools throughout the United States. The number of dental hygienist schools is growing rapidly and it’s hard to keep up with it. Each state offers many options of dental hygienist schools to satisfy students’ needs and career goals. Colleges, universities, vocational schools offer various educational programs. They majorly differ in length of study and tuition fees. The thing is that having so many options of dental hygienist schools you simply loose focus. Therefore, your key task is to define which one works the best for you. Depending on the degree you want to get, dental hygienist schools can be classified as:

  • Public universities
  • Private and community colleges
  • Vocational career-training schools

You may choose a dental hygienist school according to your preferences. Want to start working in the shortest possible time? Then go for a 2-year Associate’s Degree program. You can get this degree through the private or community college. Other than that, you may pursue a Bachelor’s Degree at the university. It takes four years to complete it. A Bachelor’s Degree can be obtained through the university only. The holders of a Bachelor’s Degree will be able to earn more but the cost of studying is way higher as compared to the college.

The less expensive dental hygienist schools are those called vocational or career training schools. In general, vocational schools make the best fit for students who prefer vocational education to a college or professional school. Vocational dental hygienist schools have a specific and practical focus rather than an academic one. As soon as the schooling is over students are eligible for licensure and can start their practice right away.

Besides, many students choose to study online these days. Studying from home gains its popularity in every field, and dental hygiene is not an exception. Consider this option if you’re well-organized and prefer to study from the comfort of your home.